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At least 27 killed in commercial building fire in India

Dozens of people have been killed after a fire in a four-storey commercial building on the outskirts of India's capital Delhi. At least 27 people have been left dead after the fire in the building - containing mainly shops - in Mundkha, with 12..

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War ‘will be over by end of year’, as Ukraine intel chief says Putin coup already under way

Ukraine's head of military intelligence says the war with Russia is going so well, that it will reach a turning point by mid-August and be over by the end of the year. It is the most precise and optimistic prediction by a senior Ukrainian offici..

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Russian army ‘lose entire battalion’ trying to cross Ukraine river

Russian forces are conducting "highly risky" manoeuvres which suggest their military leaders are under pressure to make progress in their operations in eastern Ukraine, according to UK intelligence, after a battalion was wiped out trying to cross a r..

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Daughters of British aid worker captured in Ukraine ‘prepare for the worst’

Daughters of a British aid worker captured in Ukraine have told Sky News they are "preparing for the worst". Speaking exclusively to Sky News, Courtney Coman, 17, and her sister Chelsea, 20, say they do not believe their father will be "coming home ..

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Bono says he trusts young Russians to throw Putin out of office

Bono has said he trusts young Russians to throw President Putin out of office on a visit to a war-ravaged town in Ukraine after a surprise gig in Kyiv. In an apparent reference to Putin, who has claimed he invaded Ukraine to "de-nazify" the country, ..

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Dozens feared dead under rubble after Russian bomb attack on Ukrainian school

Sixty people are feared dead under rubble after a Russian bomb hit a school in eastern Ukraine. About 90 people were sheltering in the building when the bomb struck, causing a fire to engulf it on Saturday, the governor of the Luhansk region said. Tw..

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US imposes visa restrictions against China

State Department cites “human rights abuses” against Uighurs, Tibet, Hong Kong and religious minorities The US is imposing visa restrictions on Chinese officials in order to punish Beijing for alleged repression, intimidation and harassment of human..

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US says it wants to keep diplomacy open with Russia

Statement comes as Moscow warns President Biden’s words risk a ‘collapse’ in relations State Department Spokesman Ned Price said on Monday that the US and Russia will keep their diplomatic missions in each other’s countries open, and will maintain d..

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No ‘soft landing’ likely for US economy – Fed chairman

Federal reserve will aggressively raise interest rates, but balancing this against inflation could prove “challenging” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Monday that the central bank will raise interest rates “more aggressively” in order..

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Japan unveils new Russia sanctions

Japan has imposed sanctions on 20 Russian citizens, among them senior officials such as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, lawmakers and TV presenters, citing ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Japan’s Foreign Ministry announced the ..

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US offer to evacuate Zelensky – report

US government officials are prepared to assist Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s evacuation from Kiev and have been discussing safe places where he could represent the Ukrainian government in exile, the Washington Post reported on Friday. Acco..

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UK bans all Russian private jets from UK airspace

Russian private jets will now be barred from UK airspace in an extension of a ban that previously included Russia’s major airline, Aeroflot. “Putin’s actions are unlawful and anyone benefiting from Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is not welcome here,..

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