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4.000 personas evacuadas por el incendio en Tenerife

Incendio en un parque nacional de montaña en Tenerife ya ha quemado 6.425 hectáreasUnas 4.000 personas se han visto obligadas a evacuar la zona a causa del incendio que se ha producido en tenerife (España). El fuego se ha extendido a un parque nacional montañoso y ha quemado un área de 6.425 hectáreas.Los bomberos continúan con sus esfuerzos para controlar el fuego, que ha afectado áreas de vegetación baja y bosques en cañones escarpados. El fuego ha bloqueado el acceso a la zona y ha cubierto gran parte de la isla con nubes de humo y ceniza.

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5 days of fury and hearth in France

Emmanuel Macron has canceled a planned trip to Germany to deal with the biggest crisis of his presidency to date. A social explosion has erupted across France, with demonstrations, riots, fires and mass arrests. Concerts, Pride marches, school plays and other events have been suspended after five days of anger and violence. The young protesters, who make up the majority, express their anger at the death of a 17-year-old boy by police bullets. The victim’s mother’s statement that she sees only the policeman responsible did not prevent the social explosion. Thousands of cars and shops have been burned, and more than 1,300 protesters have been arrested. Macron, who tried to calm down by attending an Elton John concert on the second night of the incidents, is facing a backlash from the public. The government and security authorities are trying to prevent a repeat of the events of 2005. That year, the deaths of two teenagers who were hidden by police led to three weeks of intense unrest and the declaration of a state of emergency. The reflection on the French identity Going back to 2005 brings to mind the reflection on French identity. 18 years ago, we were again talking…

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Amid Human Trafficking Horrors, China’s Claims of Gender Equality Ring Hole

In its submission to the 85th session of U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which is to be held in Geneva on Friday, China boasted about its accomplishments in combating the trafficking of women a..

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This was not a traditional Victory Day – so many have purchased into the Kremlin’s narrative

Victory Day parades in Russia generally see throngs of people lining the city's main thoroughfares, cheering on the tanks as they pass, the armoured vehicles and S-400 anti-aircraft systems and, the spectator's favourite, the fearsome YARS ..

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China Raids Places of work of Enterprise Consultancy Capvision

China’s chief foreign intelligence agency raided the offices of business consulting firm Capvision in Beijing and other Chinese cities as part of an ongoing crackdown on foreign businesses that provide sensitive economic data. Foreign companies opera..

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Pakistan & China agree to increase CPEC to Afghanistan; stress on combating terrorism

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, China and Afghanistan have agreed to forge closer economic ties by extending the Beijing-backed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to Afghanistan to fully harness the country's potential as a hub for regional connectivi..

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The Could Fourth Motion in Xi Jinping’s China 

The May Fourth Movement – named for the protests of May 4, 1919, although the movement itself spanned a longer time frame – was one of the most monumental intellectual revolutions and socio-political reform movements in China’s history. Chinese stude..

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Capvision raid safeguards nationwide safety: China

China said on Tuesday a raid on US consultancy Capvision's office in the eastern city of Suzhou was aimed at safeguarding its national security and development interests."China's national security agencies and relevant departments have rece..

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How does Russia’s scaled-back Victory Day parade examine to earlier years?

Soldiers marching through the streets of Moscow, armoured vehicles rolling across Red Square and a rallying cry from Vladimir Putin talking of the West's "real war". On the surface, Russia'sVictory Day parade may have seemed like business ..

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The important thing points straining China-Canada relations

BEIJING: Canada has expelled a Chinese diplomat accused of intimidating a lawmaker, with Beijing ordering Ottawa's consul in Shanghai to leave in a tit-for-tat move. The expulsions are the latest episode in a souring of relations between the two..

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China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties

BEIJING: China on Tuesday expelled a Canadian diplomat in Shanghai in a tit-for-tat after Ottawa told a Toronto-based Chinese diplomat to leave the country, escalating already tense bilateral relations amid concerns about Chinese influence in Canada...

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China expels Canadian diplomat in tit-for-tat transfer

Beijing has expelled a Canadian diplomat in response to Ottawa’s decision to send a Toronto-based Chinese diplomat home, after accusations emerged that he tried to intimidate a lawmaker.In a tit-for-tat response, the Foreign Ministry announced that C..

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