China accuses G7 of ‘creating divisions’

China accused Group of Seven countries on Wednesday of irresponsibly sowing division after the forum condemned Beijing's trade practices in an end-of-summit statement.

G7 leaders criticised what it called China's "non-transparent and market-distorting" international trade tactics on Tuesday, in a statement that also vowed to reduce "strategic dependencies" on the country.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Wednesday hit back at the criticism, saying the statement showed the allies were "keen to create divisions and confrontations without any sense of responsibility or morality".

The G7 should "advance globalisation" rather than encourage division "at a critical time for the international community fighting the pandemic and striving for economic recovery," Zhao said at a regular press conference.

G7 leaders also urged China to use its influence with Russia to stop its military offensive in Ukraine.

They called on China to press Russia to pull forces out of Ukraine immediately and unconditionally, citing a ruling by the International Court of Justice that Moscow suspend its military operation, and related UN General Assembly resolutions.

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China says sanctions on Russia cannot resolve the Ukraine crisis and has criticised the United States and its allies for supplying arms to Ukraine. (AFP/Reuters)

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