China announces countermeasures, sanctions on Pelosi

China on Friday announced a series of countermeasures against the United States as well as sanctions on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after her visit to Taipei earlier this week.

The Foreign Ministry said it's cancelling or suspending dialogue with Washington on issues such as climate change, military relations and anti-drug efforts.

Dialogue between area commanders and defence department heads will be cancelled, along with talks on military maritime safety.

In addition, cooperation on climate change, returning illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crime and illegal drugs will be suspended.

The Foreign Ministry also announced sanctions on Pelosi, saying she was "seriously interfering in China's internal affairs and seriously undermining China's sovereignty and territorial integrity" with the visit, having disregarded Beijing's concerns and opposition.

The Foreign Ministry said the visit constituted gross interference in China’s internal affairs and severely threatened peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

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The sanctions target Pelosi and her immediate family members. The statement did not give details about the sanctions.

The Hong Kong government, for its part, said it firmly opposes any external forces interfering in the internal affairs of China, and will fully support and facilitate all necessary measures by the central government to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"The SAR Government will closely monitor developments and keep in contact with the relevant authorities of the central government," the government spokesman added.
Last updated: 2022-08-05 HKT 21:30

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