China launches third aircraft carrier: state media

China on Friday launched its third aircraft carrier, Fujian, a warship entirely designed and built domestically, state media reported, in another step towards the modernisation of the Chinese military.

The aircraft carrier features a full-length flight deck with a catapult launch system, according to state media.

The 003 new-generation aircraft carrier left its drydock at a shipyard in Shanghai on Friday morning.

Broadcaster CCTV showed assembled navy personnel standing beneath the massive ship as water jets sprayed over its deck and multicoloured smoke was released.

According to CCTV, sailing and mooring tests will be carried out after the ship is launched.

The Fujian will join the Shandong, commissioned in late 2019, and the Liaoning.

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Unlike the Fujian, these warships use a ski-jump style platform for jets to take off and do not have a catapult system. (Agencies)

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