China reports rise in Covid infections

Mainland authorities on Monday reported an increase in Covid-19 infections, with Jilin province continuing to be hardest hit.

In total, the National Health Commission said 1,947 confirmed symptomatic local cases were reported on Sunday, compared with 1,656 the day before.

The number of new asymptomatic cases, meanwhile, stood at 2,492, compared with 2,316 logged on Saturday.

The majority of newly confirmed cases – nearly 80 percent of them – were reported from Jilin.

Infections were also reported from places such as Fujian, Hebei, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.

38 cases came from Guangdong province – 33 of which were from Shenzhen.

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Meanwhile, Shenzhen officials were quoted by mainland media as saying that the city has basically returned to “dynamic zero” infections after three rounds of mass-testings.

The epidemic situation in Shenzhen is generally manageable, they said.

The city’s public transport services have largely returned to normal on Monday, though trains and buses will skip areas where lockdowns are still taking place.

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