Headlines From China: China Box Office Falls to New Low as Cinemas Hit by Closures

China Box Office Falls to New Low as Cinemas Hit by Closures

China’s theatrical box office fell to a new low over the weekend as anti-COVID restrictions forces thousands of cinemas to close. Major cities in China are currently operating under a range of restrictions that range from citywide lockdown (Shanghai) to so-called static management (Suzhou) which also involve government-mandated restrictions on entertainment. Read more Variety

China’s Bilibili Says Video Site Is Hiring, Not Laying Off Live-Streaming Staff

Bilibili is hiring for more than 40 live-streaming positions, an employee at the Shanghai-based company told Yicai Global. The live-streaming business is developing normally, with its gross profit margin widening for three straight years. In the final quarter of last year, Bilibili was sharing more of its revenue with content creators. Revenue sharing costs jumped 91 percent to more than CNY2.4 billion (USD376 million) from a year ago, its financial report showed. Read more Yicai News

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