‘Orange’ alert and fears of 9m waves

An ‘orange’ alert has been issued in China as Typhoon Koinu approaches the southern province of Guangdong and Hainan Island. The State Oceanic Administration of China has raised the alert level to the second-highest in the country’s warning system.

This typhoon is anticipated to bring significant waves, heavy rainfall, and strong winds to the region.

In fact, the South China Sea is expected to experience waves as high as 9 meters today (7.10.2023) and tomorrow due to the storm generated by Typhoon Koinu.

The typhoon is currently tracking westward along the southern coast of China, as reported by the National Meteorological Center. It is projected to weaken to a strong tropical storm by late Monday.

Typhoon Koinu has already caused one fatality and nearly 400 injuries in Taiwan.

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