Reese Witherspoon Hilariously Has To Tell Diane Keaton Her Image Of ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ Is Actually Her Son With Ryan Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon’s offspring have become hot topics in recent years as fans have watched them become young adults. Every other week, a new debate about who the children favor more – her or their father Ryan Phillippe – continues to emerge. Witherspoon's son Deacon Phillippe has captured a bit of attention online from viewers and other celebrities. A recent post by Oscar winner Diane Keaton led to some confusion amongst the masses, as she mistook Phillippe for a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Witherspoon couldn’t help but notice the faux pas, and had to step in to correct her.

The hilarious discourse began after Diane Keaton posted an innocent Instagram video about some beautiful men. The blink-and-you-miss-it moment happened right out of the gate with her first photo. Seeing the clear mistake, the Morning Show star had the step in to correct it. Reese Witherspoon was looking out for the screen legend from a possible cancellation. But instead of getting into a mama bear mood, she had a simple funny response. Check out her reaction to Keaton’s appreciation post below:

The Legally Blonde 3 star just wanted to let Diane Keaton and her followers know it was her son, not Leonardo DiCaprio, in the beginning. At least Reese Witherspoon knew Keaton made a clear mistake. She even laughed it off knowing how Keaton didn’t mean any harm. But her son might see it as a compliment to be compared to a star as huge as DiCaprio. While the screen legend made an innocent faux pas, Witherspoon might have to watch out for others now that’s he’s 18.

The cute moment was just part of Diane Keaton’s waspy quirky charm. Since the days of Annie Hall, Diane Keaton has evolved from a talented, yet quirky ingénue to a lovable eccentric who moves to her beat. As a Hollywood veteran, the celebrated actress has appealed to multiple generations over the decades. That’s most evident by her massive following on Instagram and her sustained influence in her decades-long career. Confusing Reese Witherspoon’s son for Leonardo DiCaprio was pretty on-brand for the Oscar winner.

Reese Witherspoon’s defense may have spoken more to the two women’s history. Diane Keaton directed Witherspoon in the 1991 television film Wildflower, which was one of Witherspoon’s earliest roles. It appeared that connection played a role in the Sing 2 star’s response to Keaton. Witherspoon knew Keaton had an innocent disposition with no ill intent.

At least it’s been confirmed that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe created some beautiful children. Of course, Witherspoon may not be worrying about the social media hoopla as her career is in full swing. Diane Keaton’s career hasn't slowed down either, but if you want to get all her quirkiness, check out some of her best films.

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