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Welcome to Artmotion Open Magazine, we would like to inform you that we are strict with our members’ posts, so we will ask you not to exceed the reasonable limits.

We are a family-friendly free magazine (Open Magazine) for all and never include adult, pharmaceuticals or other questionable material. So you can rest assured that your article/post is in a good place. For this reason low quality posts or links to low quality websites will be rejected.

Also if you agree with these basics and your article is well structured, with an image we can include (randomly) to our newsletter that we send every weekend at no cost.


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Τhe instantaneous service is usually used by individuals who want to upload a post to gain visitors to their website. For your content no registration required at Artmotion Magazine.

If you want a professional account please follow this.

  • There is a charge of $8/post. Sending of the post will be charged on next step via Paypal.

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